Hyperspace (Live) – Video


Yet another video from The Lean Into The Light collaboration. As the name implies this track was played live on a Korg OASYS, a Moog Polymoog, a Yamaha Motif ES7 and a Yamaha CS80. The music track was written and performed by Kent Spong in January 2010 & Video Produced on 7th February 2010.

Copyright © 2009 Lean Into The Light, ℗ 2009 Lean Into The Light.

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A Muse Ment – by Richard Lawson

I admit this video is kind of dry looking but its my first proper one and  actually wanted use the 38 year old Traidex Muse in a new track especially written for the video. I think the application of the instrument to music rather than a “product demo” is more interesting…well it is to me okay.

You will hear the random digital tones of the Triadex Muse in the track I call “A Muse Ment” adding a hunting ambient back-drop for a couple of sections in the sequence of music. I have yet to work out all the video effects and annotations in Adobe Premier as yet but later projects will be better.

The Track is a composition (using Apples Logic and other keyboards) that features the Muse as an effect and is not a demo of the Muse in isolation or of its capabilities. The Muse does not have Midi or CV/Gate but just audio so the sequenced type bleeps you hear (twice) during the 2 minute piece is the Muse only.

The video and music soundtrack were written, and produced by Richard Lawson on 31st July 2009

Copyright © 2009 Lean Into The Light, ℗ 2009 Lean Into The Light.

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