So what is Lean into the Light?

So, what is this site all about and why “Leaning” in particular?

Lean Into The Light is a music production company, wholly owned by old-friends and co-writers; Richard Lawson and Kent Spong.  Lean Into The Light is also our “Artist” identity when promoting our music and other media.

This blog has been created to provide us a platform to publish our past, present and some  future music and video material and also contains a bio of who, what and why we are.

We decided on “Lean Into the Light” by the way after endless hours of thinking of a suitable identity under which we together could write, produce and publish our music to the world.  Also, Lean Into the Light suggested an awakening of passion to pursue our music ambitions to write for a living, thus finally coming out of the shadow of normal lives to realise our dreams.  Hmm, does that sound a little too poetic and artistic? Possibly but we hope you get the idea.

The “About Richard & Kent” page talks about us in a little more depth but we are not a band, record label or publisher.  We are composers and producers with a growing portfolio/catalogue of music that is being actively sold through commercial music libraries around the world. We are, at the moment, semi-professional musicians developing our music identity and uniqueness.

This website also supports our established commercial channels for our material namely; Music Supervisors (USA) and Yooka Music (UK).

Our efforts take a number of shapes, including composing & producing music for EPs/Albums, to other and more diverse projects for Film/TV and Games.  Our music, which has cinematic qualities, (even if not composed specifically for motion picture) is heavily influenced by film score gestures, techniques that seem to employ “mood painting” that can evoke imagery for the listener.

We will be contributing new material to this blog as and when it becomes available but all content is protected under Copyright © 2009 Lean Into The Light, ℗ 2009 Lean Into The Light.

If you like any of the tracks you hear and would like to ask us for more information, or just tell us how you feel about them, then please feel free to post a message on this blog.

Alternately, you are also welcome to contact us using the blogs “contact Us” page or just email:

Or you can go to the RL Music website (also see link in the Blogroll section) and email or call us from the information in the “contact section” on the website.

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  1. I have set up a Fan Club on facebook because I am so proud of both of you. Check it out:

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