Latest News – 11th July 2010

11th July 2010: July has been a positive but mixed bag of things going on and, although the beautiful hot days have made studio working a tad difficult, we had another successful month with new material being accepted by our library companies.  Most of the last few weeks have been spent upgrading our studio tools with new music software and specialist hardware, which all takes time to get to grips with to be able to use efficiently.

Other news: As mentioned in previous news updates, the main thrust of our music direction for the future is within the Film/TV/Games arena so much of our music will be cinematic in style and influence, but with the odd ditty thrown in for good measure.

New Track for our Blog: We have uploaded one of our latest 2010 library tracks called “Constantinopolis” for your enjoyment so hope you like this piece as it will give you a feel for the direction we are taking musically.

In Summary: The last month really has has been “heads down” for us both with getting to grips with new studio stuff, and further developing our writing and recording techniques etc.  As always it’s tough to balance the time to compose and produce new material and the summer heat is not helping but we are working through it and are more focused than ever.


17th June 2010: June started really well with our being accepted as a music contributor, with an opening 48 tracks, to an American Music Library company called Music Supervisors. This much respected organisation  provides us access to the huge US TV/Film/Games market and is another big step forward for us.  Here is a link to their website so you can see what they are all about:

We also had more good news from Yooka Music with them having accepted more tracks from us for licensed commercial use, now taking the total to 34 so we think we are on a roll now.

Other news: Some fairly hefty investments are currently being made into new studio hardware and software for us both so we can develop the TV/Film score side of our music.  Some of this highly specialised software will enable access for us to top-professional level sounds and production quality material. With a lot of hard work ahead, we will develop this genre of music significantly so watch this space!

New Track for our Blog: We have uploaded one of our 2010 library tracks called “Big Stone Gap” for your enjoyment so hope you like this as we will continue to feature some of our favorite tracks, from time-to-time, to give you a feel for the work going on behind the scenes.

In Summary: It’s been another busy month with a great many hours spent on Lean Into The Light activities, and we feel things are showing strong signs of responding to our efforts.   Like most, we have day jobs to take care of so time for the music is usually weekends and evenings.  This is fine of course but we wonder how much more could be achieved if we could dedicate all our time to day eh!


10th May 2010: We had more good news from Yooka Music in the last 7 days with them having accepted another 8 tracks from us for licensed commercial use, now taking the total to 20 which is great news!  To see our dedicated licensor channel and listen to the (many unheard here or anywhere else) tracks please click on the following link:

Other news: A number of introductions/applications have been sent off to a select and targeted list of Music library businesses around the globe which has taken a fair amount of time to organise and administrate for Richard whilst Kent has been focused on the writing new material, thus proving again, that two heads in this are better than one!

New Track for our Blog: We have uploaded one of our 2010 library tracks called “After the Storm” for your enjoyment so hope you like this as we would love to feature some of our favourite tracks from time-to-time to give you a feel for the work going on behind the scenes.

Listening to our music: Some people have commented that the WordPress Blog’s built-in media player can sometimes be slow to initiate so we have now incorporated a second, consolidated, media player from “Box.” This player is very easy to use and also has most of the recent tracks we feature in our blog in one place.  You can listen (and download if you prefer) the tracks from within the Box player so we hope this makes your visit to our blog, to hear our music, more pleasurable.

In Summary: That’s the highlights for now but a lot of work is going into developing our music as a business and, although still very early days, we feel some momentum is gathering now and we appreciate all your support and interest.


20th April 2010: We had more good news from Yooka this week with them having accepted another 4 tracks from us for licensed commercial use. This is all very positive and encouraging and gives us a fairly clear steer on the type of music they work with for their clients.

Other exciting news is that we are very soon going to be putting out our first album which is being finished off at the moment.  Lots to tell you all about that shortly but at the moment it’s looking like 16 tracks of music offering around 55 minutes of play time so keep checking the blog for news on this.

Richard has been getting to grips with his new studio layout and everything seems very comfortable and productive with the first track from this new environment being finished this week and will be included in the new album.  Kent is working on finishing a couple of tracks for the new album so really busy on that.

Challenge of the week = earning a living whilst allocating long hours to writing music and all the admin associated with pulling it together.

Last item of note for today is the Fan Club on Facebook breaking through to 312 members! Thanks to everyone who follow our progress and we hope you enjoy our music as much as we do making it.


8th April 2010: Some great news about our latest track (Never too old)  came from our commerical music channel Yooka Music today as they confirmed the acceptance of this latest piece of work into our on-line catalogue for general commerical use.

We have successfully  featured a total of 5 of our tracks at the Yooka Music business site now and we are both working on new material all the time so we hope to see this catalogue grow significantly in the coming weeks and months.  If you would like to hear all the tracks available and find out more about Yooka then please click on the following link.

Other news  – Richard has finally finsihed his studio rebuild so is bedding-in the new layout now and looks forward to getting stuck in to some writing and recording ASAP.

Kent has also finally re-cabled his studio (new mixer) and is working hard on a number of great new projects, with one track in particular that sounds very interesting and perhaps a slight change of direction/genre but its all very hush hush for now..more news on that to come soon.

Lastly (for now) we are also very excited to see our Facebook Fan Club site grow to 271 members as at today, which is fantastic, and WELCOME to you all and not to forget a big kiss to my wife Catherine who is the founder of that site.


30th March 2010: A new piece of music from Richard has now been uploaded to the blog called “Never too old.”  Please click on the post containing the new mp3 and we hope you enjoy this delightful track.


29th March 2010: More tracks have been submitted to our commercial music channels, Yookamusic and Beatpick today thanks to some long evening & early morning sessions writing, so we eagerly await some news on these getting through.

Richard is now fully PRS for Music registered which is good news in terms of any potential future royalty earnings and Kent’s registration is in progress so that should also be in place very soon.

Richard’s Studio is now completely redecorated and redesigned with all the equipment being reinstalled over the coming week.  Pictures of the populated room to follow shortly and then get on with some proper writing sessions.

Kent is working on a number of new tracks at the moment which he hopes to have finished to master very soon – can’t wait to hear these!

So..lot’s of stuff going on.


2nd March 2010: I uploaded a brand new set of 9 tracks to our commercial music channels, Yookamusic and Beatpick today thanks to a very productive music writing evening a couple of days ago.

Kent has put together some great tracks as usual and he wanted one of these to be included in our blog so please take a listen to track (length 02:58) called “Swagger into the Club” which we think is rather funky.


28th February 2010: We are delighted to announce that Lean Into The Light have been accepted as a contributor to the commercial music licensing company – Yooukamsic.

This is another important step for Kent and I as we pursue alternative applications and markets for our music work.  Please click on the link below which will take you to our dedicated “licensor page” at Yookamusic which has now gone live.  Many more tracks to be featured here as and when they are approved, and when Kent and I can get new material produced:


23rd February 2010: We are working hard to establish the commercial business outlet for our music and are in the mid-phase of these process now, which is very exciting and a huge learning curve.

Our EP is now available (globally) from all good on-line music download sources including iTunes & Amazon:

Our Facebook Fan club has now reached 125 members as at today – thanks everyone!

Richard (who has a horrid cold) is in the process of stripping his studio down for the big re-build and is amazed how much gear & cables you can cram into such a small room!

Kent has had a new Soundcraft keyboard mixer just arrived so that’s keeping him busy as he has to completely rewire his studio..oh the joy of re-cabling.


11th February 2010: We published our first EP today which is very exciting.  Once this has propagated out to the on-line music stores then details will be uploaded to our blog but it’s the first big step for Kent and I since we were teenagers dreaming about such heady things as actually having our music “out there”

The Lean Into The Light YouTube Channel is now finished and we have uploaded a brand new video there and  on our blog to accompany the latest & superb track from Kent called Hyperspace (live) – check it out!

We are now on Twitter so please follow us for the very latest news and other thoughts and happenings in the LitL world.

Our Facebook LitL Fan club has now reached 118 members as at today which is fantastic and thanks to everyone for joining.

More tracks to come soon & we hope you like all the new tracks and please feel free to feedback your feelings about them, or anything else about our blog 🙂

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