About Richard & Kent – the story so far

We first met each other in September 1975 as 12 year old boys and classmates, starting our first year in Form 2F Ewell County Secondary Modern School. We hit it off straight away realising that joking around, having a laugh, and concentrating on drawing stupid pictures in our rough books was a better way to pass the day than actually learning anything.  Consequently,  we were continually separated in lessons and year-end school reports always said “could do better or needs to concentrate more.”

Discovering a piano in the school music room was the start of it all – playing 3 bar rock & roll riffs during our lunch break – we were hooked!

Wind-forward a few years to our late teens (1980’s) and we had amassed a plethora of keyboards and spent just about every spare moment (and penny) together playing them, writing tracks, and generally loosing ourselves in music.  What happened to all those tracks from thousands of hours of playing and recording we will never know, but the memories are still strong and very fond from those early days.

We don’t think, at any time in the last 35 years, that we haven’t had keyboards or musical instruments of some description and, in spite of loosing a few years to following other careers, we always gravitated back to our singular passion for synthesizers and music made with them.

In 2002 Richard and Kent started working on a new adventure that is RL Music (Richard Lawson Music) and KSR (Kent Spong Restorations).  This new chapter in our lives snapped us back into the world of buying, restoring and selling vintage keyboards and continues (at present) to be our principle business focus.  If you go to the Blogroll on this site (on the right) and click on the RL Music link then you will see what these unique and symbiotic businesses are all about.

It had always been our dearly held ambition to make our own music and make a living from it and the support of friends, family and mentors has always been invaluable to us so – thank you all!

We can’t wait to pack the Lean Into The Light blog with lots of new (and some past) material which we hope will stand as our legacy and bring pleasure to other people, as it has always done for us.

Richard & Kent

Lean Into The Light

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